SEO Audit Tips: 8 Examples of Why Your Source Code Matters

Contrary to what many believe, good SEO practice requires some level of coding skills. At the site of hundreds of lines of code in some cases even thousands, it is common to find those who will not take another second looking at code. As long as the site functions as best as how you know then everything is okay. It may be a lot of work optimizing your page and nobody needs to add to whatever you are already going through but all that work could be in vain if some certain aspects of code are not looked into.


Designers, marketers and programmers should take note, all these departments need each other to actually realise that source code plays a very critical role in SEO. We take a look at 8 examples of how source code affects SEO.


1. Canonical URL Tag Issues


You come across content which is similar to other URL’s. What this tag does is inform engines of duplicate content. When used correctly it works great, take for example a bike company that releases a new model of bikes with the option of different three different colors allowing visitors to change the color when viewing the product page but the URL changes.


But when each and every option has the tag it tells the engines that the attribute should be given to the original page that loads the original product. You can see how that would be catastrophic across a larger amount of products, right!


2.Server-Side Code Showing Up Client-Side

Server side code like PHP should not appear on HTML source code, it happens sometimes and should be acted upon immediately. Competition never sleeps so you shouldn’t either. Double check and make sure code appears where its supposed to.


3. CSS Manipulation & Hidden Content

A stylish web-page is a top priority to site owners, well most anyway and CSS is what gets many there. However, sometimes content gets hidden and doesn’t get to appear on the page. In some cases this could be a matter of code error or it could be intentional to load keywords. There are many CSS techniques one can use to use to hide content. Visit your site with Javascript and CSS disabled it might enlighten you on what is really going on.

4. Meta Robots Problems

Meta robot tags instruct search engines to not index a certain page or not follow any links on the page and so on. There is no telling how much good and harm could come out of this, understand how it works if at all you are using this tag.


5. Multiple Head Elements, Title Tags & More

HTML headers hold a lot of information within them, from the meta description, title tags, canonical URL tag etc. This requires correctly structured and well optimized elements put in place. It is common to find empty tags or malformed ones, a quick detection and correction could straighten this issue out. Go through your HTML head and make sure everything is structured right.


6. Excessive Script Code

When something is in excess, more often than not there is a high chance not everything is being used. Excessive amounts of script code could slow down your page load speed or worse throw errors. Get rid of unnecessary code and tidy up your client side code.


7. Analytics Tagging Problems

We all want to know how our pages are doing and having some kind of analytics to present to us stats in a way we can understand. Thats all well and good but you need to know which snippets are there and that they are giving accurate data. Going through your source code you can find which snippets are loading and more than that you can find improper tagging. Be very careful with your site data, it could get in the hands of someone with malice.


8. Malformed Anchors and Canonicals

Nothing rubs off visitors than broken links and worse off is giving out a bad user experience could be the death of your site. It is also important to maintain the flow of PageRank through your site, remember to link from high ranking pages to sibling and child pages.

An extra full stop and a link won’t work and detecting the problem could be a bit difficult and take quite some time. Same happens when canonical tags are not formatted properly, they kill SEO success on the page.

Make sure your links are working properly.


I guess now you see the point of having a look at source code every now and again and how it affects SEO power.

Webinar Tips For Beginners

You need to understand that there is more to webinars than meets the eye. Really, they are reminiscent of the old fashioned marketing oral presentation. If you give it some serious thought you’ll see that this is true. You have to use marketing principles as well as concepts for public speaking. In the beginning you might feel a little bit unnerved but it will get easier eventually. Just be persistent and eventually you’ll be very successful with your webinars. Webinars can make a major difference in your profitability so you definitely need to make the effort to learn how to make them.

Informality and being relaxed are fine, even good for your webinars but you shouldn’t take it very far. You do not, for example, want to be talking to your audience the way that you talk to your friends. Of course that means avoiding any offensive words because that really does turn-off a lot of people. Stick to words, avoid things like pausing an making odd sounds. Naturally it is depending upon the audience that attends your webinars; some will be more forgiving than others will. So be sure to plan around the people to whom you are marketing and their general pros and cons.

Most people who make webinars understand that there needs to be a visual representation of them. This occurs primarily in the form of slides because you’ll be able to offer great supporting data that other people can read. It can get kind of boring when the only thing they are able to do is listen without any visuals. A good online meeting service like clickwebinar will allow you to create stunning webinars without much skills. Therefore, this is really a small issue that can be handled. But there are definite do’s and don’ts for your visuals, like with your organization. Try to avoid putting too much information onto the slides because this will really decrease the comprehension people have. Don’t forget that in addition to listening to you your audience will be reading your slides too.

You can drop the ball with webinar registrations just like you can with asking for an optin to your email list. Nobody will sign up for an opt in list if lots of specific personal information is required. The example is an extreme one, sure, but it illustrates the point we are making about what you should be asking for in terms of type and amount of information. The same thing is true with webinars, you can murder your response rate by demanding too much. Most webinars do not require so much information. So only ask for what you truly need to get them to sign up.

Offering your own webinars to your audience will offer you a much more powerful way to market your own products or services. Even when you haven’t used webinars in the past, this is a great opportunity to get your feet wet with them. Webinars are really easy to do, if you are okay stepping outside of your comfort zone. You’ve undoubtedly been a part of a webinar at least one time or another. So you already understand what they’re about.

A Facebook Business Page Can Help Grow Your Business

You need to be using social media, especially Facebook if you are going to do marketing for your firm. It doesn’t matter if you are a big firm or a small firm. In today’s market place, you need to know how to setup your Facebook business page.

Every new company should create its own Facebook marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many business owners tend to overlook this component initially. But not having a Business Page, or not having one created correctly can be a huge mistake.

A corporate presence talks about who you are and where you are headed. This is why when you are beginning in business, your presence and your brand are what your customers are going to be looking for.

Facebook has become the primary social media site. It also gives you a great forum to have your clients visit both your website and Business Page. Once you set these two elements correctly, your visitors will be able to follow you across both these mechanisms.

Your website should be prepared in a manner that will attract your followers. It should have the relevant content they are looking for and it should engage them, so that want more interaction with you. Remember this could be a very effective manner to draw clients and sales.

You need to know your visitors ad they will reward you with their loyalty. Give them a reason to visit your Facebook Business Page and your company website and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many with become loyal fans and clients. When they see that you know what their pain us, they will acknowledge you as a leader.

If you want to build a Facebook page you will see that the steps you will need to follow are indeed very similar to the steps you followed to create your personal page. The main difference is that you will provide more information about the nature of your business and not as much about you as an individual. The instructions are very clear and are easy to understand. You can have your business page set up very quickly.

Remember that your Facebook Business Page will be seen by many people interested in your company’s products. This is why it is very important that you provide detailed information about you and your company when you create your business page. This should include the most recent information about your company products and awards it may have received. Include relevant information about your services and your company.

Your business page will provide the platform you need to leverage the visitors that you attract. The good news is that a Facebook Business Page is relatively easy to start. You just need to provide as much detailed information about your company. Later on, you can get a little more sophisticated and optimize your page with the relevant keywords. You can also customize the look and feel of your business page to be more in line with your corporate image.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to start a successful online business, then you should consider visiting Money Site Labs. They will show you how you can build a profitable online business by building laser targeted niche websites that sell. They have an outstanding online coaching program where they take you by the hand and show you in a step by step fashion how to build profitable websites, and they guarantee your success, or they will work with you until you are making money every month.


How to Load Social Widgets Conditionally to Improve your Site’s Performance

Social media has become a great platform for sharing information with a great audience and spreading word around. Having social sharing widgets on your site makes it easier for visitors to share content. The number of people accessing the internet has risen over the years with a substantial number of these people accessing the internet through mobile devices. Statistics have it that 1 in every 4 people have a mobile phone, so you can just imagine how much traffic to your site comes from mobile devices.


It is for this reason that site owners should try and improve their site performance by loading social widgets conditionally. What we mean by this is, adding Facebook “Like” button or Twitter widgets makes your your site heavy especially when accessing through a mobile device. Instead, you could have a system wide sharing menu that has all your social widgets making your page load speed faster and eliminating having many tiny social widgets. Page load speeds have become a determining factor in google search rankings so it has become necessary to make your page as light as possible.

Promote Your Website So Your Get Your Website Noticed?

Establishing an eye-catching website is essential in attracting interest although people won’t even have an opportunity to see your website’s amazing design if you don’t promote your website correctly. Advertising and marketing your website needs to be the next important step to take after you’ve finished your site’s design. This calls for usual online practices including sharing the url to your website in social media sites and promoting in message boards and blogs that enable link sharing. Additionally you can produce articles or blog posts that relate to the theme of your site if you know how. These techniques not only help make your website far more visible to people that visit those particular places that you advertise in but it also gives your website some potential in boosting its search engine results. Search engines consider any links to your website in other places as backlinks and having a great deal of backlinks is vital for your site’s growth.

Once you spend a large amount of effort in advertising your site, you can market your site even further by making a few upgrades within your site. Despite the fact that a stylish website design can make your website memorable, you should look into adding extra features so your site visitors recognize that your goods and/or services really are a step ahead of the competition. Here are two things you can do to make your site even more noticeable beyond the style.

Market Your Site By Setting Up Bonus Offer Pages

People like getting much more than they bargained for so setting up a bonus offer page or two should make your site far more convincing. This particularly works well if the website you’re promoting is an partner site. Your main page and subject material should be interesting enough for folks to go ahead and sign up. But you can give these people additional smiles on their faces simply by surprising them with a special bonus offer web page that will appear just after they fill out the sign up form. It could be a trial offer of an affiliate product or simply a tool or service that will aid them in whatever opportunity you’ve got waiting for them.

Promote Your Site through Throwing in Free PDF Books

The most popular freebie that affiliate marketers give is the e-book. E-books are easy to make if you know how to make the content and use the required software. Because it is in digital form, you can distribute an unlimited amount of copies. So throw in a free e-book for anyone that subscribes to your newsletter. Of course, you should mention that new subscribers get a free e-book so people will subscribe immediately. Once again, the e-book becomes valuable if it has some content that will help them succeed in the business opportunity you are offering.

How does these two things help you market your website? They might encourage people to share your site with others. Word of mouth is a powerful promotional tool when carried out properly. As an illustration, an individual might discuss your e-book with a close friend and that person will discover your website providing that you place a link back to your site within the e-book. If a person has a relation that might be more interested in your bonus offering, they might market your site to that person too.