3 Tips to Keep Your Privacy on Google+

Social media has become the norm and everyone wants in on a piece of the action. The amount of information we put on social media about ourselves, whether true or not, is quite a bit. Google collects quite a bit of information from all its products, Google+, Youtube, Gmail, and keeps your info more exposed to whoever wants to find you. You thought Facebook had a lot of info, Google goes notch higher. To limit cyber stalking or at least what information people have access to, making a few changes to your account could do the trick. Find three tips on how to keep your Google+ privacy here.

Designing for SEO

Many are the times we find a site that has been designed beautifully but does nothing for SEO. What this does is create a site that catches the eye but not SERP’s which leaves a beautiful masterpiece of a site with less traffic than it ought to have. The same happens to sites that are fully optimised but in terms of design and user experience a lot is left wanting. So where does this leave most of us? Realizing that the two, design and optimisation, go hand in hand and need each other to bring out the best in a website. Getting to that middle ground where sites look cool and offer great user experience, and still are fully optimised is achievable.

In an article on seomoz.org by Justin Taylor, he talks about ways designing for optimisation can work. He talks about stylish fonts that you could use from fonts.com, google, Typekit, Font Deck that won’t compromise on crawlability. The use of cool fonts, throw in type effects such as gradient that enhance a page with banners, call to action, making it less likely for users to bounce.

Justin’s take on what how a designers aims and a SEO goals can work together calling it designing for optimisation. Take picture on a site for example, from a designers point of view images works wonders to keep users glued to the site. However, from a SEO perspective, this doesn’t do much. A solution he (Justin) provides is a mouse-over, when viewed the image is seen and when a user scrolls over the image it shows text describing what the image is all about, giving the SEO what is needed for optimising.

Normally, banners, call to actions and billboards are just images designers use on sites. The message on these elements cannot be crawled by google, however, creating them with CSS, HTML and web fonts can work well for both designers and SEO.

This should all sound great for designers and SEO, and what puts the icing on the cake is that it can actually work.

Social Media Link Building

Link building using social media is an avenue most people are using to get people onto their sites. With the huge amounts of users on different social media platforms, getting traffic to your site building links through social media is genius. However, not all platforms work for everyone and getting the balance where you know what will work for and against you is of major importance. The benefits of using social media are quite a few but the one most look to get out of it is building a client relationship. Social media creates an avenue where people can interact and express themselves in concern with your brand giving a sense of belonging.

Having an on-line presences without being on either of the two biggest social media platforms around, Facebook and Twitter, is almost unheard of. Between these two social networks they have 1.5 billion active users, Facebook having an edge over twitter with 1 billion users. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Facebook though with users complaining about privacy settings and ads on the site but has a wealth of benefits that work well for brands with their page feature. This feature allows one to share upcoming events, share videos, update status etc.

Lets not forget Twitter with 500 million active users since 2006, for short, precise 140 character updates known as tweets, this platform offers for a great link building site. Simple to use, short and to the point, nobody likes reading paragraphs of text about something they don’t know about. Short text description with a link to sites is the best way to make your tweet worthy of capturing users. These are not the only socially fit link building networks, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube are other great places to build links.

As good as social media is to promoting brands, increasing traffic and improving our SERP rankings, some platforms don’t really do much for you. Again depending on your social outlook or professionalism, building a Myspace profile might not be a good reach as this platform is more inclined niches that talk about music.

The rate at which information is being consumed is astounding. Just putting out content is not enough, quality and how you put it out there matters. More often than not we see successes from our competitors and want to copy the same route. As we put it out there earlier, what works for company A, does not mean it will work for company B. Understanding how best social media works for you is key.

Social SEO Steps You Can Implement Right Now

The rate at which information is being consumed on line has sky-rocketed over the past few years. Search has made everyone a know-it-all when it comes close to everything, medicine, healthy living, sports you name it. We consume so much of this information even getting a second opinion from experts in that field is almost never even thought of. Therefore  your presences on-line is mandatory in this “Google generation” if you are to survive in business that is.

When looked at closely social media and SEO have similar goals, one of them being information discovery thus the term social SEO. It is possible to integrate the two, social media and SEO, in one way to attain on-line presences. As the proverbial saying goes “killing two birds with one stone” these steps will help any digital marketing strategy improve social media presences as well as SEO performance.

1. Register your company/business with Google Places – To kick us off, Google places is an on-line directory of physical addresses of businesses making it simple for prospective customers to find. To top this all up it’s free.

2. Create a Company/Brand Page on Facebook and Google Plus – This works on your credibility with search engines, Facebook and Google+ are two trusted sites having a presence there makes your brand more solid.

3. Establish your Brand Presence on Google plus – involving your brand to niches close to what you do is the other step you can make. Interacting with groups and communities, initiating valuable conversation are all beneficial in how search engines rate you.

4. Add Google’s Plus one (+1) button on your site’s important pages – This actually allows for your site to get social recommendation which search engines rely on to gauge a site’s popularity.

5. Add other social sharing options (Google+ share, Like, Tweet etc) – Having just one +1 button helps search engines determine a site’s popularity imagine what two or three more sharing options will do.

6. Add a Google+ Badge and Page Badge – This is what people use to identify you, having it as your badge gives your brand more proof.

7. Promote social actions to two of your best-written content – The more clicks and shares you get is a sign of authority and search engines see this as trust in your brand.

8. Integrate social payment systems into your content strategy – Payment methods present opportunities for brands and businesses to build on viral marketing

9. Recycle past content in the form of video marketing – written content is a flooded form of marketing and is easily overlooked putting information in video form has a higher click able rate.

Effective Offsite Seo Strategies To Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

The importance of been seen in the first pages of search results is almost as important as feeding, if not more. Making work easier for search engines to find your site can only be of benefit to you and the many who have something to gain from your content. This is why all avenues to get you to the first pages of search results are explored. Here, we take a look at seven offline strategies that can help improve your ranking.

  1. Article Directory Submission – Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is where we start off. This is a great way to improve your site’s ranking because its free and an easy way of generating traffic. The more articles we submit, the more generated traffic we get.
  2. Breaking E-Books into Articles and Using Them For Marketing Purposes – We have to spread the word around. How well we market our site plays that all so important role in how successful our ranking will be. E books can be broken down to newsletters or articles to help in marketing. Now with the articles including a link back to your site gets you that targeted traffic many sort after.
  3. Give a Free E-Book or Report – They say “The best things in life are free” who are we to say otherwise. This strategy is for information to flow and go viral. Lets face it, if its free and has valuable content you are likely to share it with a friend. We shouldn’t forget putting links back to our site when creating free E-books.
  4. Build Links Professionally – Back linking ( links that point to our site from other sites) is the one strategy that can work for or against us depending on how we do it. If you follow Google guidelines on how to build links you are on your way to being on the first pages of search results. If you don’t then Google bans you from their search engine results.
  5. Guest Blogging – Here is where we post content on other blogs with similar niches. As this is a strategy to build on your site, don’t forget to link back to your site.
  6. Tweet Posts – Social media is huge and what strategy would not want to tap into this immense field. Twitter allows you to post content from our site as tweets which keeps follows up to date with what is going on in your site.
  7. Viral Marketing – Finally, nothing sells more than word of mouth, especially from reliable sources. Viral marketing is a marketing practice that uses exactly that, word of mouth.

Offsite strategies basically drive traffic to your site from other sites. Using the strategies listed here over time will yield the results you are looking for.