SEO 101: Video Marketing Strategy

Most of us keep on hearing about how video marketing is such an attracting medium and a great way to reach audiences. Online video marketing is the new trend in online marketing. To attain high ranking today, your sites need to have lots of rich media content pieces that are well-structured. But how will online video marketing improve your SEO?

Considering an online video campaign can boost the search rankings and SEO performance of your site.  Some online marketers and companies succeed with online video marketing. Furthermore, a well- structured video can be great in promoting your business and you ought to consider the following statistics: websites with video content hold visitors stay on pages for much longer; video connects with your audience in a new perspective compared to plain- text competitors; and lastly it increases rankings on search results.

Nonetheless, if you want to have a higher ranking, consider investing the required resources and time into making video marketing strategy.

Unfortunately there are online marketers who failed in making a well – structured video, because of lack of strategies that didn’t go well with their online video marketing. Hence, if you’re still searching for the right strategies here are some guides that you might want to consider.

Step 1; Consider Your Campaign Goals – making a video is not just with a snap of your fingers, make a thorough study on how you can reach  your customer’s needs, make sure that your videos are informative, relevant to your business.

Step 2; Focus on Creating Valuable Content – produce your video content with purpose, your video should capture your audience interest and it should not be too long.

Step 3; Deploy Videos in Accordance with Accepted SEO Practices – lastly, before you launch your video don’t forget the SEO practices that should be added to your video and these are the following:

Include relevant keywords in your video tags- optimize your video with vital keywords or key phrases.

Add relevant keywords to summary and tag fields- optimize your video’s description with applicable keywords and consider a keyword rich of description of your video to permit search engines to index higher rank.

Post close captioning scripts to video sharing services- create an automated captioning script for your videos that can be used by visually impaired audiences.

Encourage user interactions – use your video as a portal to other content of your website, and consider providing back links related to your content on your site.

Video optimization can be the best way for you to expose your business to audiences who may not be familiar with your business, services, brands or services. Furthermore, it is the best way to entertain, engage and promote that will get results on search engines.

3 Social Media Tips to Drive SEO

Competition for traffic nowadays is really ferocious. There are organic links that make up to 70% of clicks from search online. And this organic links takes up on a search engine result page that makes a “shelf space.” Though you have the highest rank in SEO, and enjoying lots of audiences on your social media site, it doesn’t mean that you will always be on top. Your “shelf space” today will not be the same tomorrow. Furthermore, there are three ways can help your business to own more of this digital space and these are: claiming, optimizing a posting content to business profiles on top of the social media sites.

There are 3 Social Media Tips to Drive SEO on how to optimize your presence on top of social media sites. The 1st tip is, Optimize “About” Copy and URLs for Search – Social Media Optimization is a vital component of your online social media marketing plan. In order to attract and engage more audiences, you need to take advantage of the places in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+ and Pinterest. To make people talk about you, you have to include in your profile the “About” section. For example in Facebook, since it is a public social media, the information on the “About” section will be visible to search engine. You can use your vital keywords to help your page show up in search when somebody searches for those terms. In addition, the URL is another key to your search rank for social media sites. It is also important that you include your URLs to your sites. Furthermore, you ought to create a vanity URL that is close to your business name as possible. The 2nd tip is, Craft Social Media Content for People and Search Engine – social media sites boast a staggering number of users each month. It includes commenting, sharing and recommending what they like and would not like to try. Hence, there are a few things to remember for boosting your presence in the SERPs and these are the following: create content that’s entertaining to the audience, share photos, infographics and other engaging items on your profile. You can also include vital business details, keywords and the location of the business in this section, but no keyword stuff. Stick to what is more vital and relevant for your business and make sure it is easily understandable and written in English. And last but not the least, Post Regularly to your Social Media Profiles – in this online business it is important that you post regularly to your social media profiles to get them in the search engine. Updating your profile will definitely receive regular audience and a higher rank. Nonetheless, you have to take a closer look and measure social posts and their results in order to verify the times that you need to update your posts.

Therefore, with all of these tips you will be able to boost SEO results for your social media sites and increases the chances to have more audiences searching for the type of your business.

Can PPC Affect SEO

Online business marketers question about internet marketing is whether it makes sense to put a marketing budget toward SEO, PPC, or both?

The two types of search results offered every single time a search is undertaken in a search engine for example is Google. Pay per click is the first option to improve your search engine presence. This is a method used by many search engine marketing to boost traffic to their website. PPC advertising is a paid listing wherein it will appear on the first item on the listing that the searcher sees certain information. Each pay per click search engine has a different rate scale depending on how much money advertisers want to bid on popular keywords. If you’re not a bidder, your listing will also appear in the order of your bid on the results page, and the highest bidder will be on top. The second option is the organic search, wherein it creates results that were not paid advertisements. Which are many online marketers choose that the results are a more accurate reflection of what they may want when searching for a keyword. Thus, they are created by popularity and common usage. The organic search listings, found on the Google search are free listings; no one is paying any money to have their sites advertised.

Clearly, the issue of PPC advertising versus the use of the organic listings approach to networking and publicity is a highly complex subject. Some advertisers were thinking if they will pay Google for PPC listing they will also get help for organic side of things too. Hence, it doesn’t work the same. These two have different entities and Google doesn’t give any preference to websites that run PPC campaigns when it is about the listing of organic section. Nevertheless, if you will use a Google AdWords PPC campaign it will have an indirect impact on the success of an SEO campaign.

Unlike with paid work and searches the benefits of search engine optimization can be seen long after the initial work has been made. Since this is free, advertisers do not pay Google directly, they need to pay an SEO agency or staff to work on keyword identification, constant monitoring, link building, competitive analysis that are needed to achieve maximum return on investment. Since online advertising is a long term process, it is advisable to invest in both SEO and PPC, especially if you are new to online business marketing.

If in case that you are new to online marketing and never invested in SEO, it will take a long time before your website will be recognized by prospective audiences, higher ranking and create a significant amount of traffic. And if you’re aspiring for SEO higher ranking, investing in a PPC advertising campaign is more likely to guarantee faster results for your website.

In some ways, PPC marketing is similar to SEO. The primary difference between SEO and PPC is that a  PPC advertising campaigns more likely to generate faster results for your website. Wherein SEO processes may take months to improve your sites ranking. On the other hand, PPC is able to create measurable results within just days and also makes it easier to measure ROI.




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