Video SEO for WordPress Users

Statistically speaking click-able links on SERPs have images or videos with the link. A picture tells a thousand words so naturally it is simpler to get a message from a picture than it is reading paragraphs of text. It’s even easier when you have a video snippet to show on your website link but for this to happen you need your video indexed by Google. For wordpress sites, the Video SEO plug in by Yoast will do this for you. It is simple to use and for a step by step guide on how to use the Video SEO plug in for wordpress and results you can expect from using the plug in read more here

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

There is a reason why having an online profile can help you land your dream job, it works for you 24/7. Funny thing is once most people put up an online profile they feel everything else should work in their favor. That’s where many go wrong; LinkedIn is where most professionals put up their profiles to get a chance for employers to get to know a little more about them.  Now you can actually optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase your professional network.

A couple of things you can do to optimize your LinkedIn profile and increase your network.

  • Fill in everything in your profile leave nothing out. Do not take for granted anything on your profile, hobbies, interests; everything counts.  Looking at a half filled out profile doesn’t help you much and LinkedIn makes it very easy to notice sections that are incomplete. Also social media works wonders so linking your profile to your twitter is a given.
  • If anything, your summary section is where you go all out in letting your prospective employers know about your personality and your career. A perfect place to put in your interests, your certifications and specialties.
  • Your experience section in LinkedIn gives you straight forward questions to answer. Be generous with information here, put down everything you do or have done at your work. You find in some cases your title is not all you are assigned to do, there are a few other duties that fall under your desk. List them down also your goals and achievements will fit well in this section.
  • Keep your interest section relevant to your career. Don’t be cowed, your interests are searchable by LinkedIn and could link you with other professionals.
  • Finally, use keywords that describe your skills and career goals and try to use them as often as you can. You will find that incorporating keywords in your summary and skill section is regularly done; you can try and put keywords in your professional headline which appears just below your name on your profile. It will be one of the first things people see when they go through your profile.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is as simple as that, getting a LinkedIn profile is good optimizing it and making it simple for professionals to find you boosts your chances.


If you will ask online business marketer to choose between HTML and PDFs documents, some of them will definitely choose HTML.

Hence, it doesn’t mean that optimized PDFs are not useful, but they are, for SEO ranking and even to your site’s audience in some cases. Some SEO recommended changing each PDFs with HTML pages or creating extra HTML landing pages targeting identical keywords just like the PDFs.

PDF documents are sometimes misidentified in online SEO efforts. As we are all aware that search engine have acquired pretty smart at locomotion and categorizing PDFs.

Nonetheless, there are still reasons to remain PDFs at SEO landing pages and these are the following: 1st; It’s easier for many users to search on the online page than to transfer and examine a PDF. A number of users will like this technique, however they are a smaller audience. 2nd; SEO and Rankings links to a PDF don’t seem as valuable as links to an online page, thus it is an incomprehensible chance. PDFs have SEO limitations that are greatly surpassed by hypertext markup language (HTML) pages. 3rd;  It is a smart product “user guide” to be both on the positioning, and a lot of extensive PDF format for a user to transfer, save or print, and it will possess privacy policy in PDF format.

To adhere with PDFs, just follow these simple tips. 1st Utilize text based PDFs at all times. Make sure the words in your PDF are basic “copy and paste” text not images of the words. 2nd; Set Title in the Document Properties. The title tag is a huge ranking factor, so make sure that stylishly utilize keywords and optimize your title tags. 3rd; Determine an SEO- friendly URL/filename. Normally, the PDF filename can become part of the Universal Resource Locator; therefore offer you document a decent keyword made filename. 4th; Follow other usual basic SEO Best Practices to optimize your PDFs as well. This includes, keywords in body copy, image optimization, internal linking to the PDF page; good keyword selection and human optimizing. 5th; Maintain the file size small. Adobe operates “PDF Optimizer” which permits you to make the file size smaller. 6th; Refrain double content. Having both PDF and HTML version of matching content can be a clever choice, except if you want to refrain double content issue. 7th; Make other document properties. You may additionally complete the other properties like, Subject, Keywords and Author. The topic can become the Meta Description. 8th; Touch – up the Reading Order. “Touch up” the reading order and set alternate text in addition as headings. 9th; Avoid saving as the latest Acrobat Version. Save your PDF in older version, because some readers don’t have the latest Reader version. And lastly; Write Protect your document. If you don’t want somebody to transfer the full file to their website and alter it if they want to, Write protect your document.

So if you have PDFs on your website already, it is a smart plan to review them to create certain they were  discovered properly for search engines.

Don’t let your PDF content get unnoticed. Optimize it today.

Bloggers: Making Spammers by Avoiding Spam?

Search engine result page rankings are all the rage and being ranked at the top is of at most importance. To spammers the ends justifies the means and whatever it takes to get to your destination goes. Search engine programmers have not been at peace, trying to eliminate scam techniques spammers use to get only worth while pages ranked is no walk in the park. The amount of guest posting request bloggers receive keeps growing and growing.

Guest posting has its pros and cons but is a very helpful way to get a good rank from SERP. What keeps readers coming back to your blog is fresh and valuable content which guest posting brings. Can you imagine reading the same newspaper/message over and over again? It’s no fun at all. All the same getting bucket loads of guest posting requests with poor English and “spam-my” links is no fun. Going through the many requests is something bloggers have had to go through to separate chaff. This takes time but for you to get valuable content it is necessary to go through all requests one by one.

Nobody likes SPAM that’s given, guest posting is just a means used by spammers to fool the system but if used in a legitimate way the benefits are immense. The signs used to spot spammers won’t take you long to find.

Facebook: Changing the Way We Search | Facebook Graph Search

Ordinarily searches done on facebook give you results from all over the world which makes it difficult to sift through the results. Searching for the Pizza Hut just around the corner from my house will give me results of Pizza Huts all around the world which don’t help me. Well, search on facebook is about to get a whole lot easier with Graph Search.

What’s Graph Search? Basically, it’s like the ordinary search but graph search will have the capability of organizing your search results to things much more familiar to you. From people you had gone to school with, people around your area to people who have similar interests as you, getting search results will hit closer to home with graph search.

As for your privacy settings on facebook, graph search will not be able to change that. With all these changes to search people will only have permission to what you make available in your privacy settings. This will come as a blessing to businesses which will now be able to find their target market and get feedback from users of products or services directly.

Graph search which is still yet to be implemented will change the way people search on facebook for the better. Who wouldn’t want a little bit more organization in search results!