Web Design Concepts

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Having a strong online presence is important for any company especially nowadays when more and more consumers are turning to the internet for their various needs. And one of the effective ways to accomplish this is through having your own company website.

But of course, it will not suffice that you put up a website. The latter should have an effective web design in order to capture the interest of internet users as well as your potential customers.

If you are not exactly a master of web design, do not fret because there are a lot of companies which can do the task for you. If you are a resident of populated area, then you are in luck for there are a number of web design companies which are more than willing to render their service.

But then again, it is also important that you know even some of the basic concepts and key ideas when it comes to web design.


One of the important elements of web design is color. There are actually hundreds of colors and color combinations to choose from. But what is important here is that you stick to a specific color palette. This way, your website will not look like a colorful mess. 2 to 3 colors will do. Just mix and match them and use different shades.

It will also be a wise choice if you use the colors in the logo of the website. You have to keep in mind that the colors of the website also speak of your company identity. Hence, you should always reiterate the logo which represents your brand and company.

In the same manner, it is also important that you know where to place colors and when to leave white space. You do not want to make your website look childish and cluttered because of the screaming colors which are not properly placed.

Patterns and elements

Aside from the proper use of colors, your website should also have the right elements. This is especially true in terms of the homepage.

One of the most significant things that you should bear in mind and look for when you talk to representatives from a web design company is that the key elements should be found in the homepage easily. That means all the links to the different pages of the site should be found here.

The links to the section detailing the background information contact details, as well as products and services offered by the company should also be placed in the homepage. The same is true for the account management details for the members and customers.

User convenience

The last but probably one of the most important things that you have to bear in mind when it comes to web design and hiring a web design company is that it should always have the convenience of users at the top priority. This is actually one of the keys to effective web design.

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19 Handy Google Tricks That You Weren’t Aware Of

This recalls what Google Search has to offer, on how you can easily forget that search only forms one small part of the Google behemoth. Enumerates number of tips and tricks that can be used for four of Google’s more popular features: Gmail, Maps, Google Drive and Google News and here are the following : – Gmail – Use Filtered Search, Activate Starring Feature, Cut Down Text In Email Replies, Google Drive –  Keyboard Shortcuts, Sign Out Remotely, Emphasize Important Words In Gchat, See Which Emails Were Sent To You Directly, Activate Gmail Remotely, Maps –Remove Side Column,Adjust Your Route, Add/Remove Layers, Drag and Zoom,Measure Distances,  Access Revision History, Attach Drive Files To Your Email, and lastly Google News –Personalize Your News, Adjust Appearance Of Blogs & Press Releases, Add Specific Topics. It concludes that, with so many different features and clients available, it’s very easy to use the basic features for each and leave it at that.


25 Google Nexus 4 Tips

It gives details on Google’s latest Nexus phone may  be as hard to obtain as the Holy Grail at present, but that hasn’t stopped  from getting  hands on one and testing it to destruction. It gives 25 handy hints, which will enable you to get the most out of your bargain of a quad-core monster: Trace to type, Take a screenshot, Share things instantly with Android Beam, Access Quick Settings even more quickly, Take a 360-degree images with Photo Sphere,  Lock screen widgets, Secure your phone with Face Unlock, Type using your voice, Monitor your battery life, Charge your Nexus 4 without wires,  Get traffic reports with Google Now, Make your screen smarter,  Automatically back up all of your treasured photos, Expand and collapse notifications, Tidy up your home screens, Silence your phone fast, Access your music from the cloud, View your Google Play library from your home screen, Sync your bookmarks with Google Chrome, Put your Nexus 4 into a Daydream, Monitor your data usage,  Power control, Add phonetic names to contacts to make voice dialing easier, Prolong your battery by enabling auto-brightness, Set applications to auto update. It concludes on how it was perfectly positioned to provide you with a quarter-century of indispensable Google Nexus 4 tips.




“(Not Provided)” Data – How Can It Make or Break Your SEO Career

For over a year now, Google has broadcasted its SSL enhancement. What follows are a few ideas and tips on how to address the increasing lack of information webmasters are getting from organic views.


Google has planned the enhancement by making SSL search a default search for signed-in users. This modification encrypts your search questions and Google’s results page and means that views from organic search listings will no longer include the data about every individual question. Rather, Google began passing the term “(not provided)” as the referring keyword for those organic search views.


Studies revealed that the trend of “(not provided)” will just continue to rise in popularity up until most of organic referrer data (search terms) will totally disappear.


So how can you handle “(not provided)” data effectively?


Try to make the most out of the information you have as this will not last longer. With rates going higher to about 40%, it means that you still have more than a half percent of organic views with referring keywords data.


The use of webmaster tools is very important. Google presents several data about your site in Google Webmaster Tools. This comprises of the best daily search questions and daily landing pages for the past month, aside from the clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and average position in search results for every question.


Make it more personalized through the use of other data. Form submissions, campaign tagging, and page viewed can be utilized to remove keyword data in your personalization determinations.


It is best to use proxies for SEO tasks. One disadvantage of the aggregate data is it doesn’t give you the opportunity to tie a referring keyword with the succeeding website behavior such as page views and time on page. Mores so, actions such as form submissions and clicks on a page cannot be linked with a keyword making it impossible to report on ROI for a particular set of keywords. This means that you will need to start utilizing proxies like keyword rank and ranked page to evaluate single keyword performance.


Evaluation of keyword performance is best done using PPC data. Since Google is still passing referrer data to advertisers for clicks on their sponsored outcomes, one can utilize PPC to evaluate how well your targeted keywords are performing.


Justin Bieber’s Top 6 SEO Things to Do over Christmas

This explains how SEO is most effective when it’s regularly reviewed and tweaked but ask many SEOs and they’ll admit to getting “too close” to a project, without an opportunity to step back and evaluate. Enumerates top 6 SEO things to do this Christmas and here are the following: Google Analytics data review, Google Adwords data review, Blogging & Content, Social Media and Linking, Competitor Analysis, Comparison & Benchmarking, Check Your Computer’s History. It concludes there now seems a lot for us to be getting on with this Christmas.