Video Traffic Tips – Top 7 Reasons to Maximize Your YouTube Video Traffic Now (Leads and Profits)

By Jeff Herring

Video marketing online is quickly becoming one of the top ways to get massive and consistent amounts of free traffic to your websites and blogs. I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it many more times because it’s one of the keys to massive traffic online:

Don’t chase after traffic. Find out where the traffic is going and get in front of it. Then redirect it where you want it to go: your websites, blogs, and profit centers.

Now with that said, here are the top 7 reasons to maximize your video traffic right now:

Top 7 Reasons

1) Alexa Traffic Rank – At the time of this writing YouTube is the world’s 3rd most visited website, second only to Facebook and YouTube. You simply must get yourself in front of this amount of traffic. Such a no-brainer.

2) Number 2 Search Engine – YouTube is now considered the number 2 search engine right behind Google. The reason is so obvious that it is easy to miss: because people want answers in video! Prospects want to be shown answers because it is easier. You want your prospects finding your video answers.

3) Google Search Results – YouTube videos are indexed inside of Google’s Search Results. Your videos can get highly ranked on Google for your keywords. This just makes sense, since YouTube is owned by Google.

4) Mobile Marketing – YouTube Mobile gets over 100 million views per day. Yes, per day. It’s been estimated that 95% of cell phone users keep their phone within a yard of their current location. Your info can be found on your prospect’s phone where they are already spending a great amount of time.

5) Videos Easily Created – It’s getting easier and easier to create videos. And think about it this way: thanks to television and the movies, video is what we grew up with, no matter your generation. Why not leverage it to your advantage and profit?

6) Redirect the Traffic – Once you get yourself in front of all this traffic with your great information, you get to redirect it exactly where you want it to go: your profit centers! Redirect the traffic to your opt-in pages, blogs, video sales pages, etc.

7) 3 Billion Daily Views – I’ve saved the best for last. YouTube Videos receives over 3 Billion daily views at the time of this writing. 3 Billion views. Daily. You just have to get in front of that much traffic.

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New malware Disguises itself as Trend Micro Component, Installs Bitcoin Miner to Make Money

This explains how a newly discovered malware variant is trying to trick users that it is not a threat by passing itself off as a component of Trend Micro, a security firm that sells security solutions. Furthermore, the Trojan drops a Bitcoin miner application to make the malware author money.

Enumerates the use of Bitcoin Miner make money like so: When the user executes the Trojan, it creates the process svchost.exe (the same name as the Windows processes for services, a further attempt to hide itself) to download a second malicious component package,  Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, currently the most-widely used alternative to common forms of money (total market cap at over $100 million), Bitcoin mining nodes are responsible for managing the Bitcoin network; Bitcoins are awarded to nodes known as miners for the solution to a difficult proof-of-work problem,

The point of Bitcoin-mining malware is to use a computer’s resources to, without the user’s knowledge, mine Bitcoins. It concludes that,  To avoid becoming victim to this scheme, users must be extra-cautious when downloading applications, files found on the internet. Better yet, refrain from visiting unknown websites and clicking ads or shortened URLs contained in email messages from unverified sources.

The 4 C’s and the What To Do Instead Template (Simple and Powerful)

By Jeff Herring

Article Marketing remains one of the best ways to drive massive waves of free traffic online. Because of Article Marketing I could not stop the traffic coming into my profit centers if I wanted to, and I assure you I don’t want to.

At the same time, successful Article Marketing requires that you create content on a regular basis. I have found, and so have my students, that using article creation templates is the best way to be a prolific content creator.

So today I want to introduce a new template to you. This one is called the “4 C’s and What to Do Instead” Template. So let’s take a closer look.

The 4 C’s and What to Do Instead Template

So first of all, you do not have to use 4 C’s. You can use any letter of the alphabet you want, I just had to pick one for purposes of illustration, yes?

The point is to pick a letter and identify four mistakes that people commonly make around a topic in your niche. You are choosing 4 of the same letter to go for the alliteration, which is catchy and brings in more readers.

So here’s how it works, step by step

Step 1 – Choose a topic in your niche – The more specific the topic the better. While you may not be casting as wide a net, those you do catch with a specific topic are going to be much more likely to convert into your list community and invest in your resources.

Step 2 – Identify 4 common mistakes – Come up with the 4 most common mistakes made by people around this specific topic. People make lots of mistakes, so coming up with four will be easy.

Step 3 – Give examples of the mistakes – Show the process and how easy it is to make these mistakes. Your reader and prospect will get it that you get it – very important for later on when you ask them to click on a link in your Resource Box.

Step 4 – Suggest what to do instead – Really the most important of the four steps. Anyone can identify a few mistakes. Suggesting what to do instead demonstrates that you are a genuine expert on your subject without bragging that you are. Communicating your expertise sort of “below the radar” is a very powerful way to engage your reader and prospect.

And there you have it. It’s as easy as that.

Bonus Tip – Now imagine if you did this for as many letters of the alphabet as your creativity will allow. So now I would like to invite you to claim your FREE Instant Access to 2 more of my Instant Article Creation Templates when you visit

The Best Ways to Optimize Your Time Utilizing Mobile Marketing

In the world of mobile marketing, there are lots of great sources accessible to both brand new and skilled advertisers. There are numerous web sites, programs, e-guides, publications, videos, and additional resources available. This collection of pointers has a few of the most effective insights for aiding an excellent online marketer to becoming a wonderful online marketer.

If you make it an easy procedure for sending out mobile advertising ads, clients will take advantage of your service. Make specific promotions that are simple and feature your intent to improve your clients advertising exposure.

Recruit others to examine your marketing procedures before trying them on the general public. For an objective point of view, you could pay a tester.

If you are attempting to call or email people, bear in mind that the most important word is “individuals”. Try to be respectful of the specific individual you are speaking to.

Test your mobile campaign on as many systems as you can. You need to take various kinds of gadgets from random phones into account when designing your technique. If you want to be successful in your advertising endeavor, ensure that the scripting you decide on works on all the major systems.

Remember that while there are a few web browsers that are popular, there are numerous phone platforms. Your notifications need to present properly on all 3 significant smart phone markets: Android, Blackberry and iPhone. It is a lot simpler to have a simple layout of information so that all systems accept it. Remember “KISS”, or keep it simple stupid, when doing mobile marketing.

To get to the really tech savvy customers, utilize QR codes in your published ads. Anybody with a smart phone would scan this code and access your site. Place them on every published marketing product, consisting of calling cards, brochures, flyers and anything else. If a client is fascinated, the QR code is a simple method for them to acquire information regarding your company.

Meticulously market testimonial data for your particular niche so that you make certain your efforts are precisely targeting the demands of your prospective consumers. This is an excellent method to ensure that potential clients have something that the recipient in fact wants to check out.

Use savings and offers to advertise your mobile marketing project. Delivering it up in several advertisements, on social networks, and on your internet site. If people believe that your effort will be useful to them, they will definitely subscribe for it. Sell your readers on the idea that your mobile project will personally benefit them, as they will stay interested in your offers.

To enhance your marketing, guarantee that your effort is compatible on the most preferred platforms. It has to have the ability to tackle any type of preferred mobile device, otherwise you will certainly be losing customers because of technological concerns.

After reading this article, you will be that much closer to becoming a successful mobile marketing expert. You should find out as much as feasible and apply your understanding whenever possible. Make this information a priority when establishing your goals, and successfully market your business.

As a widely renowned, highly successful Internet marketing entrepreneur – Gary Pettit now diligently helps people from all walks of life to achieve their greatest aspirations!

Facebook Marketing – Maximize Facebook Results with These Helpful SEO Tips

This article explains why SEO is so important to a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Although SEO can help you enjoy results on mainstream search engines, it’s important to consider the new internal search features offered by Facebook. Enumerates top Facebook SEO tips and are as follows: Choose a Good Page Name – a good name for your Facebook business page needs balance, while you don’t want to stuff it with keywords, making it appear spammy, you also don’t want to choose a page name that is too generic; Optimize the “About” Text Box – even if you have already entered text in the “About” box, you can go back and edit it, including keyword optimized prose. It concludes that, these Facebook SEO tips can help you get started to improve the success of your Facebook marketing campaign.