2013 Top SEO Tips and Tricks

It explains that 2012 was a roller coaster year for SEO and included more changes than in any other previous year. If you were around in 2012 you probably heard words such as Panda, Penguin, Venice, and more. If you had a hard time this year in SEO it’s time to improve your game. Provides some tips, and tricks for your 2013 SEO Strategy and these are as follows: Don’t Rely on Exact Match Anchor Text – stop chasing links and start doing some RCS!; Get to Work On Google Plus Local – tart interacting with other businesses and getting your pages +1′d; and last but not the least, Pay It Forward – Stop worrying about chasing links. It concludes that, these are only a few main points that came to mind while writing this today. Plan on updating this until December 31, 2012. If you have something to add please leave a comment and if it’s worth it shall be added.



Twitter’s login flaw breaching password security, now identified and corrected

Twitter’s security design has created a problem by allowing user passwrods to be relayed in plain text when feed on the page of a specific tweet. This was reported by an avid user named Zohar Alon together with the CEO of cloud security company, Dome 9. It has been resolved by the site’s security group just now.

Although the main Twitter pae makes use of SSL security to avoid plain text from being revealed publicly, the tweet detail pages has a drop-down sign-in menu that is not using the HTTPS protocol. Anybody who as logged in before the damaged has been controlled has sent their password to Twitter’s servers in plain, readily hackable text.

For replication of the problem, you need to log out of Twitter, click on a link that you took directly to a tweet’s detail page and sign in again using the drop down sheet. This may not be the popular way of logging in for majority of users but others still use it. By doing this, you are actually sending hundreds of copies of your password in plain text.

The drop down menu is not covered by the HTTPS protocol. The possibility of breaching password security is way too large and it is certainly not the level of confidentiality and safety that a popular site with such potential as a gateway to your personal data must use.

Be guided ith how the traffic should appear when logging in on the main Twitter page that is well protected:
Gibberish is perfect. To be perfectly clear, the security on Twitter’s main page is set up correctly. It was specifically the login sheet on the tweet detail pages that was affected by not using HTTPS traffic.

A representative of Twitter gave an update that their security group had searched at the possible weakness and has resolved it.

Users are hopeful that the problem has finally come to an end and that no other security threats will come up soon.

Best SEO Strategies For 2013 – 4 SEO Tips To Take You To The Top

It recalls SEO has changed dramatically in 2012. With the introduction of Google’s Panda and its 21 subsequent updates in 2012, what worked yesterday for SEO will not work today. Furthermore it explains for 2013, we need to re-think the concept of “SEO techniques” entirely. Rather than a technique, your 2013 SEO strategy should have a more natural approach, incorporating fresh and relevant content, SoLoMo strategies (Social, Local, Mobile) with a strong focus on customer engagement. It gives some useful ideas for incorporating these key areas and here are the following: SEO your site; Keep content fresh and valuable; Post to Social Media frequently, and the last one is, Go mobile and market to mobile. It concludes that,Go SoLoMo in 2013, and incorporate these 4 tips to help your company’s SEO efforts and keep you on the top of the SERPs.

Criminals Use Facebook and Tumbler to Push Chrome Extensions That Can Access All Your Website Data

This article explains the privacy-violating campaign was later detailed further by security firm Webroot.The whole campaign is based on the hopes that Facebook users want to change the theme of the site to another color, such as red. It can be of course adjusted to target other users as well. Gives details on it works and these are the following: A Facebook user is invited to a fake event on the social network, which redirects to another page (typically hosted on Amazon Web Services) that prompts the user to install a Chrome extension; The extension then executes a JavaScript file (also hosted on Amazon) when it detects an open Facebook page, which creates a new Tumblr page and a new Facebook event. Finally, the script invites all your friends and pushes the Tumblr link, and the scam starts again. It concludes that, protecting yourself is very easy: don’t click on random links on Facebook, even if they are hosted on Tumblr. Being invited to a Facebook even does not suddenly make them safe.

7 Tips To Boost your B2B Efforts on Google Plus

Explains how Google Plus (aka G+)  has grown a lot since its infancy and, although the social network hasn’t yet reached its full potential, it’s headed in the right direction. For instance, although G+ still lacks something in the sticky element, the addition of the Communities feature is a huge advantage from a business sense. Gives 7 tips to boost your B2B efforts on Google Plus: Use it, Be creative and PRO active, Give credit where credit is due, Use social reports to analyze your activities, Schedule your posts, Place a Google Plus “Add to Circle” button on your website,  and lastly, Share relevant information and engage. Brings to a close, remember to always humanize your brand. People like interacting with real people – they quickly ignore faceless automatons.