20 Tips to Get More People to Read Your Google Plus Posts

Everyone likes to get notifications of comments, likes or shares on posts they have made on different social media platforms. Generally, it feels good when you see people reading your content. So how do get more people to read your posts on Google+?

In this article we take a look at 20 tips that Sarah Schager, a senior social media marketing strategist at Vertical Measures, has for us to increase people who read our posts on Google+.

  • You can start by including pictures or videos in your posts, that catches people’s eyes when they are scrolling through their news feed.
  • Keep your post simple and use only what is necessary to get the message across
  • When need be don’t shy away from taking advantage of using the full character limit. In cases where content is long and has been well-optimized this could work to your favour in your ranking.
  • Using asterisks around the parts of your post that you would like google to use as your title tag. This bolds the text and actually makes it rankable in search results.
  • You can style your post using italics or strike-through
  • Check your post and make sure it is grammatically correct
  • Choose who you share your posts with. Different circles based on demographic can help you target your content to the right audience.
  • For the ones not on Google+ use the option of emailing them.
  • Tagging people in posts that have their interests to make them aware of it
  • Use hashtags in your posts but don’t over do it, 2-3 will do the trick any more and you will seem spammy.
  • On your posts that have links make sure the thumbnail is visually appealing
  • Important posts can be re-posted just incase it slipped a few eyes
  • Select the time of day that your posts get the most +1’s, shares and comments and post at that time. It’s when your followers are most active.
  • You can post interesting blog posts, excerpts or quotes from articles so readers can interact with what you thought about it.
  • Engage readers with conversational topics by asking questions
  • Always respond to comments left on your posts
  • Responding to comments on posts you had already made via email makes it easy for you to keep conversation going on
  • Post on other people’s posts too. The more you interact with others the more likely they are to interact with you.
  • Ask your network to circle you by sending an email or updating on other social network so that you grow your circles.
  • Make sure you have authorship fully set up on your website so your post can be associated with the website it was originally posted on. This also increases your author rank

Google+ is becoming more and more popular and these tips by Sarah are definitely worth implementing to get you interacting with your followers and increase the number of people who read your posts.