We are the 16%: Why Facebook should stop charging to increase the reach of Page posts

With over a billion active users worldwide, it is no secret why companies are making Facebook part of their daily marketing activity. Facebook’s announcement that what companies post through their pages reaches only 16% of their members news feed was thought to be much higher than that by some companies. However, for an improved news feed reach companies would have to fork out cash to promote their posts. This to some seemed to be some kind of underhand tactic to force admins to pay for marketing but Facebook says its just a measure to prevent spam.
It should be understood that since becoming a public company, Facebook needs to make revenue for its shareholders but there should better ways to raise revenue than limiting reach right! Here are a couple of ways Facebook could think of to raise money :-

1. Business Page fees – Introducing a fee for people who open business pages. There are businesses that depend a great deal on Facebook and it would not be inconceivable to charge an amount for using the platform.

2. Increase of Friendship limit – Many have already reached the limit of friends one is allowed to have, increasing the limit at a fee will raise revenue and give users an option to upgrade other than forcing matters. It’s always better having an option.

3. Phone Calls – Facebook could have users call friends cell phones over VOIP for a fee even if they are not on-line  Facebook has got us connected with long lost friends and news ones all together, having this option brings friends even closer.

4. Facebook Offers –  
Like many coupon systems Facebook don’t require prospective customers to do anything other than click on them. Modifying its offer systems to work more like other coupon systems to help aid sales.

5. Real-time Insights – Currently page insights take two days to update which could be speeded up at a fee. Creating premium pages that get real-time insights especially for a companies running campaigns could be very valuable.

For over a billion active users worldwide, limiting reach cuts growth potential drastically and marketers may reconsider using Facebook. As Facebook grows we expect changes to occur, only that these changes shouldn’t chase people away.

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