10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations

They say a picture tells a thousand words, add visualizations and infographics, and turn what could turn out to be a long and hard to grasp meeting into an interesting one. Infographics and visualizations aid you in better explaining matters in the boardroom. Creating these infographics and visualizations need not be a tedious task, here are a couple of tools you could use to assist you

1. Piktochart

This is a web-based tool that has six free themes for creating easy visualizations and a whole lot more themes for paid version. With Piktochart you can drag and drop shapes and images of which you can customize. For this free version it is important to note that with every PNG/JPG you download will have a small Piktochart watermark at the bottom.

2. Ease.ly

Ease.ly is a free web-based tool that is great for conceptualizing and telling a story. However, you cannot create graphs with real data but it has a great user interface and themes which support many functions such as; flow-chart, map and comparison/relationship graphing.

3. Infogr.am

To create simple infographics, Infogr.am is the tool you want to use. Yet another free web based tool, Infogr.am has really nice themes and allows you to create charts using real data. Infogr.am offers a wide range of chart options and allows you to add your own images and videos.

4. Visual.ly

This tool is a great plus because of its integration with with social networks to analyze data from Facebook and Twitter. Creating fun diagrams just got a whole lot better with Visual.ly but it has very limited customization capability.

5. Tableau

This is an application that will have to be downloaded. Tableau has free tools to create a wide range of interactive data visualizations from bar charts to line graphs and others. These tools however are only there for Windows only.

6. OmniGraffel

For wireframing, OmniGraffel is a very good tool to create infographics exactly how you want them to appear. There are many free downloadable stencils which makes it simple to diagram architecture diagrams and even home layouts. This tool is not free though, for $99 you get the standard version and $199 for the pro version.
7. Balsamiq

Another wireframing tool for creating simple diagrams for mobile and web interfaces. The desktop version of Balsamiq is $79 but has a free demo version.

8. Make a video

Visual communication is where you have animated illustrations with verbal scripts to explain concepts and a great way to explain topics.

9. TimelineJS

This tool uses g Google spreadsheet to create good looking timelines. TimelineJS also links to most social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Sound Cloud and others.Very useful in creating an interactive visualisation of a business.

10. Present.me

This tool allows you to create presentations and record yourself talking next to the slides.

These tools will surely aid you to creating interesting infographics and visualizations.